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The automatic spiral mixer with removable bowl is equipped with automatic lifting and coupling. The bowl drive eliminates noise and maintenance. The mixer’s two speeds enables the user to obtain a mixture which is well blended and of a high quality. The body of the mixer is made of heavy-duty coated steel.

  • The mixer complies with the latest CE regulations
  • Removable bowl is equipped with automatic lifting and coupling

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Dough Sheeting Machine

The RONDO Cutomat is a dough sheeter with integrated cutting station – the perfect solution when the available space is limited. In five simple steps, you process all types of dough to create fine pastries of first-class quality – efficiently, uniformly and reliably.

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Microwa ve & Convection Oven

The Atollspeed Microwave & Convection Oven is one of the newest innovations from Kolb.

  • Touch-glass control panel, just plug in and use
  • Defrosting, cooking and baking food in one step
  • Intelligent programming procedure, easy to operate,energy saving
  • Internal catalytic converter, suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings

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Hot Products

Depositing Machine

The BabyDrop Cookie Depositor has been designed to be one of the most compact, versatile dropping machine available today. With an intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen control panel and a 200 recipe memory capacity the BabyDrop is capable of producing up to 120 trays of consistent, high quality cookies per hour.

  • Versatile dropping machine available today
  • With an intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen control panel

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A purpose-built, real bakers’ oven used in in-store bakeries and restaurants. It can handle everything from tasty pastries to coarse rye breads.

  • Each separate chamber can bake different products simultaneously, and can be programmed with different programs of steam, heat and time
  • The baking chambers are corrosion-proof. Stone hearth slabs are standard fit in this oven
  • The oven’s heat is radiant electrical. The steam apparatus is well insulated, and can be integrated into each chamber

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This elegant convection oven gives you all the benefits of the MIWE gusto plus additional helpful functions for the snack business, namely steaming and gratinating, letting you cut costs and save valuable space.

  • The gusto functions allow you to increase sales and offer a wider range of warm snacks and dishes without taking up extra space
  • Easy-to-use steamer or combined functions (steam and hot air) for preparing and regenerating meat, fish and vegetables.
  • Excellent baking results in a small space even in high frequency use. The MIWE gusto-snack is a convection oven with a compact design

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Latest release


The MT Series of blast freezer are designed to allow uniform, efficient freezing. The core temperature probe monitors the temperature at the product core. Most suitable for fast freezing dough pcs, cream cakes etc. High humidly of 90% during freezing cycle.

  • Most suitable for fast freezing dough pcs, cream cakes etc
  • High humidly of 90% during freezing cycle

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cake decoration machine

Cake-O-Matic can deposit batter, middle fill layers with icing, and quickly finish the tops and sides of cakes with pre-determined amounts of icing. In addition to its cake production abilities, the Cake-O-Matic can be easily fitted with a wide array of our depositing nozzles and accessories, making it the most versatile piece of bakery equipment you will own.

  • Can be easily fitted with a wide array of our depositing nozzles and accessories

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The Bun Divider is designed to divide and round dough automatically and equally, which can highly improve the working efficiency and reduce labor cost. Different models for your selection.

  • Hydraulic system to control processing
  • Adjustable rounding pressure and rounding time
  • Adjustable rounding radius for better rounding quality
  • Larger base to provide more stability
  • Rounding plate is made of material with static electricity treatment
  • Requires two hands at the same time to start the machine to protect the operator
  • Automatic or Semi-Automatic models for your choice

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