Cake-O-Matic can deposit batter, middle fill layers with icing, and quickly finish the tops and sides of cakes with predetermined amounts of icing. In addition to its cake production abilities, the Cake-O-Matic can be easily fitted with a wide array of our depositing nozzles and accessories, making it the most versatile piece of bakery equipment you will own.

Atollspeed 300T
Speed Up to 8400 deposits/hr (depends on deposit size & consistency)
Up to 420 cakes/hr when icing cake
Power Air: 4 CFM @ 80 PSI
113 liters/min @ 5.5 bar
Electrical: 220V AC single phase
Volume 0.3 to 36 oz (9 ml to 1064ml)
Particle Size up to 3/4"cubic [19mm] soft particulate when used with
a PC Nozzle (consult your sales rep)