It began over 30 years ago, when Roger Geisser started to bring quality products from Europe into Asia. Influenced by the long coffee drinking culture in Switzerland, Roger always takes coffee as the first drink of the day, which provide energy that sustains the rest of it.

One day, Roger realized how good coffee and food appears at the heart of his life, on big and small occasions, and it is amazing how a nice cup of coffee made his days with family, friends and business partners.

Inspired by the love of food and drinks, Roger believes that everyone in Asia should deserve this humble enjoyment at affordable price. Soon he sent his passionate team to Italy and Switzerland to experience and bring back the coffee and food culture excellence.

The journey goes on every year after, leaving footsteps in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Vietnam and around the world in pursuit of the finest creations and obsessions of food and drinks.

RR coffee is now brought to you by a team of SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) authorized trainer and certified baristas, who is dedicated to deliver the original flavors of specialty coffee to all, from seed to cup.


To enable you serving a fantstic cup of coffee

From medium to espresso roast, you will find variety options of coffee with fruity notes and bright acidity, but also blends with full, velvet body together with strength and aroma.

Coffee equipment

RR Coffee only provides world-class coffee machines from Italy and Switzerland along with all-round technical services support. RR’s technicians are well-trained and kept up-to-date to avoid potential breakdowns.

At RR Coffee, we also advise on the best equipment accordingly to your needs including pre-installation site visit, water treatment, on-site inspection and preventative maintenance.


RR Coffee aims to find the right coffee package, the right solution for you to serve a fantastic coffee to your customers and guests. Our professional team of service coordinators, technicians and barista trainers are ready to prepare your distinct signature coffee. Let’s consult our professions at RR Coffee’s showroom.


RR Coffee's ‘One-stop coffee solution’ offers exclusive benefits to serve café style coffee to your valuable guests, clients and staff in the most convenient way.


RR Coffee provides the best café style signature coffee to your valuable guests and customers. Our team of customer services, technicians and barista trainers will support and maintain the highest level of your coffee quality.


We understand the importance of the quality coffee served to your invaluable customers. Our signature blends are to satisfy the most demanding and discerning coffee tastes.


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