RR Coffee aims to find the right coffee package, the right solution for you to serve a fantastic coffee to your customers and guests.

Our professional team of service coordinators, technicians and barista trainers are ready to prepare your distinct signature coffee. Let’s consult our professions at RR Coffee’s showroom.


RR Coffee's ‘One-stop coffee solution’ offers exclusive benefits to serve café style coffee to your valuable guests, clients and staff in the most convenient way.

Such benefits include variety selections of premium coffee beans (sourced from Colombia Supremo, Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Peru and etc., roasted in Italy) with free and efficient delivery service, supply of user-friendly Italian fully-automatic coffee machines including professional all round technical support,set-up, training and monthly on site maintenance. Our customized ‘One-stop coffee solution’ fits your different needs.


RR Coffee's provides the best café style signature coffee to your valuable guests and customers. Our team of customer services, technicians and barista trainers will support and maintain the highest level of your coffee quality.

Please contact us for free coffee tasting and drink menu consultation.


We understand the importance of the quality coffee served to your invaluable customers. Our signature blends are to satisfy the most demanding and discerning coffee tastes.

In order to maintain consistent quality of the coffee, training and technical support are equally critical. RR Coffee team members, with SCAE certification, are responsible for the quality control and training to make sure your staff acquire enough coffee knowledge.

Aftersales support
We treat our own technician team as the best support to all coffee machines. All round technical support and prompt response to service calls are what you could see the difference.


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