Designed for hotels, restaurants, food service kitchens and small to medium craft bakeries. Easy and safe to handle with a simple on/off system and thickness stop ensures identical thickness for every product.

A practical pistol grip allows easy adjustment to the rollers. The scrapers can be easily removed for rapid cleaning. The conveyors can be lifted up for easy storage of the machine.

STM 5303 SSO 5304
Substructure Table top model Floor standing type
Width of Conveyor Belt (mm) 475
Table Width (mm) 487
Table Length Overall (mm) 1550 2060
Roller Length (mm) 500
Roller Gap (mm) 0.3~30
Roller Gap Reduction Manual
Speed of Discharge Conveyor 50cm/s
Rated Power (kW) 0.75 kva / 0.5 kw
Required Floor Space in working position
- catch pans extended (mm) 1040x1550 1040x2500
- resting position (mm) 1040x815 1040x1100
Supply Voltage (V) 3x200~460V / 50~60Hz
Weight (kg) 80 145